NCK Dongle / NCK Box 1 Year Activation[Instant]


31USD or 2300MT

NCK Dongle / NCK Box 1 Year Activation is meant for users who bought NCK Dongle / NCK Box more than 1 year ago. Allows you to prolong access to the future NCK software versions for 1 more year.

Digital product. No refunds, no returns. Instructions provided by email.
Purchase of this digital product is generally processed within 1 hour after we received your payment in full. For details please contact +258846653232

NCK Box/Dongle one year activation additional features:

For all NCK Dongle users it will also activate your tool for Pack1+CDMA+Iden/Palm

How to purchase NCK Box/Dongle activation:

1: Before purchasing kindly make sure that you have Box or Dongle serial number
2: Place your order and complete payment:
3:We will add activation within 3 business hours. Ussualy 30-120 minutes.

Please provide us with your NCK Box / Dongle serial number (must be 9 characters long) while placing an order.

Where to find the serial number?
You can find your serial number using the NCK Main Module software.

  1. Download the latest version of NCK Main Module software:
  2. Run the Main Module software to read the serial number of your box/dongle.
Note! Use NCK Box software for a box and NCK Dongle software for a dongle, not vice versa.

If you still have a valid access, you won`t be able to add this activation.
Wait until your access period is over and then buy this activation.

Detailed information on the further use of the digital product will be sent to your email, specified during registration, when we confirm your payment and process your order.


Contact me to get the NCK (Box/Dongle) 1 Year Activation. fast and 100% safe.

WhatsApp: +258846653232

  • PayPal: 31$
  • Mpesa: 2229MT

Payment Method:

  • Mpesa Mozambique: 846653232
  • PayPal:

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