Mobicel Rave 8.1 Firmware (*Pac format Official)


3.60$ or 264.00MT

On this page you can buy and get download link Firmware Stock ROM Mobicel Rave  file . Unbrick File. Factory Officer (Flash With SPD TOOL) .

  • Download Mobicel Rave Stock Firmware 
  • Mobicel Rave 8.1  firmware ( Factory ROM *.PAC)
  • Tested / Approved (We do offer email/Whatsapp support for tested ROMs)
  • Toolkit ready for SPD Tool
  • NB To flash (Disable NV & Prod NV in Research Tool, in the description of important information below, have highlighted image😎)
  • File Size: 700 MB +
  • NBYou need to hold a launch key (vol-) during connection for the SPD Tool to quickly recognize the phone .
To Install Firmware Use Spd Research Tool or Nck Spd Tool – Or Cm2 – or another tool that supports files in PAC format .

Firmware Advantages;

  • fix bugs
  • Update your cell phone;
  • Delete or remove password, or, default;
  • Reset your phone to factory origins
  • Fix processing errors on mobile phone
  • repair dead boot
  • Flash File Mobicel Rave 
  • Hang logo fix;

Attention: the file is not free, it costs 249MT or 3.50$$ on PAYPAL. No discounts.

Payment methods:


  • MPesa 846653232 - RAIMUNDO

Contact us +258846653232 , WhatsApp and Messages.

How to flash the Mobicel Rave  Firmware

Below are steps you can follow the reload or flash a firmware onto the Mobicel Rave 8.1 :

  1. Download the flashtool (SPD_Upgrade_Tool) from here:Download  and extract it
  2. Download and install the Spreadtrum driver here: Download
  3. Then open up the extracted SPD_Upgrade_Tool or flashtool folder > then double-click the file with a black chip and two green arrows icon
  4. From the running flashtool UI > click on the gear icon on the far left > browse to and load the Hisense U40 pac firmware file by double clicking on it – it can take up to a minute or two
  5. Then click the Play like icon (Start Downloading)
  6. Remove and replace the battery – then connect the Mobicel Rave device with volume down held down
  7. The downloading should start with a blue bar – at which stage you can release the volume down key > different partitioned will be flashed and you get a green ‘Passed’ when all is done
  8. At which stage click the Stop icon (Square)
  9. Disconnect and power up the device – remove and replace the battery and then power the Mobicel Rave  device on as normal
  10. It can take a little longer to boot up after a flash (no more than 5 minutes though).
NB. If you need remote assistance using this file, then you could go here to learn of your options (we charge a minimum of $3.77 for the service).

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